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by Saju90

Many people have done homages to The Girl with the Pearl Earring. This is by far, the best. What makes Vermeer's work stand out is his ...

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Charlton vs Night Watch
This chart goes along with my recent Heromachine cover mock-up "Who Watches the Watch" and  shows the correspondence between the original Charlton characters and my own characters used in that cover, as well as the Watchmen characters that they were derived from the same Charlton characters.

Top Row (mine): Atomique, Bette Noir, Twilight, Masquerade, Sam—the Dragon, the Enforcer.
Middle Row (Charlton): Capt. Atom, Blue Beetle, Night Shade, The Question, Thunderbolt, the Peacemaker.
Bottom Row (Watchmen): Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Rorsharch, Ozymandius, the Comedian.
Who Watches the (Night) Watch
Having done HeroMachine versions of a number of the Charlton characters who acted as the starting points for the characters in Watchmen, it occurred to me that if I chose the right members of my own superhero world's group, the Night Watch—the ones that were the closest analogs of the Charlton characters—my world could face its own crisis. Thus:

"Who Watches the Watch?" starring (top down, more or less):

Atomique, a nuclear character close to Capt. Atom.

Bette Noir, who is among other things a bit of a Blue Beetle-like character, along with her sidekick Bella Donna.

Twilight, whose dark powers are similar to Nightshade, (though she has no equivalent of his light powers), and his wife Lady Twilight,

Masquerade, Mistress of Disguise, whose malleable blank white face is not unlike Question's mask, and her sidekick Domino,

Sam, the Dragon, who is somewhat more like Judo Master than Thunderbolt. He was once the teen sidekick of The Man in Red.

The Enforcer, who is a bit more violent than The Peacemaker.

I was surprised how easy it was to map several of my characters to the Charlton heroes. They don't map as well to The Watchmen. Still, I couldn't resists doing up a cover for issue #1 of "Who Watches the Watch?"

Hope you like it.

Supermen (Superman analogues)

I’ve updated my “Supermen” fan-art.

Every superhero world has at least one “Superman analogue”, a character with powers and abilities not only far beyond those of mortal men, but ones matching that of the original superhero, Superman, who “can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands” and is “faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!” This picture collects images of as many of them as I can find, all created with—Shh! Don’t tell Jeff!—the wonderful Heromachine 3 app.

If you know any that I’m missing please let me know. I am not including youthful and female equivalents. I may create a separate collection of such characters. I’ve also left out all of the many super pets, but I have included the three mouse Superman analogues, because “Of supermice and Supermen” is such a cool throw away line.

Top Row: Ultiman, Titan, Astonishman, Homelander, Superior, Prime, Icon, Mighty Man; 

Second Row: Iron Munro, Sentry, Mr. Majestic, Supreme, The Plutonian, Wonderman (Fox), Omniman, Mighty Man;

Third Row: Blue Marvel, Miracleman, Samaritan, Ultraman, Gladiator, Paragon (my own creation), Sun God, Alpha One;

Bottom Row: Apollo, Bizarro, Mon-El, Captain Marvel/Shazam, Superman, Hyperion, Mr. Incredible, Sovereign; 

Mice: Mighty Mouse + Pearl Pureheart, Super Mouse, Atomic Mouse.

Just a reminder: None of these characters would exist if it wasn't for Superman, that strange visitor from another planet, who fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. Heroism is what made him an icon. 

As ever, I created all of these homages to Superman and his many analogues without the consent or approval of anyone associated with the tools that I used to do the job. Still, you know where thanks for the existence and functionality of those tools go.

Portrait of the artist as an old coot
Things were getting to me, and one of the things that always lifts my spirits is creating art of one form or anther, so I took a selfie snapshot that kind of captured my dark mood, and then worked on it with Prisma, and a couple of other editing tools to produce this "Portrait of the artist as an old coot", and by the time I was done, I was feeling somewhat better. It all seems a little Dorian Grey at this point.
Mystery Woman #13, Aged
I stumbled upon appearsharmless's Aged Comic or Magazine Cover, and kinda had to see how Mystery Woman #13 would look as a beat-up old 'zine. I think it turned out pretty well.

The original image, posted earlier, is a reworking of one of my earliest HeroMachine + Photoshop generated comic book, or in this case pulp magazine, covers. It features the character credited as being the earliest modern costumed vigilante in the superhero universe that I have been building over the years—Bette Noir. This cover is, supposedly, the first pulp she was featured in, Mystery Woman #13 (something of a pastiche of "Mystery Men Comics" from the real world.

Bette is her world's equivalent of pulp heroes such as Doc Savage, the Shadow and the Green Hornet, as well as comic book characters such as The Crimson Avenger, Batman, and Raven of the Teen Titans. There is a web page giving some of her history at…



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